It's time for everything to simplify.

Connecting a brand’s message to the modern cyclist is harder than ever. Media is changing faster than ever, trends are coming and going, many mountain bikers become jaded – the list could go on. But there’s never been a better time to be on 2 wheels, with improving road infrastructure and more legal mountain bike trails popping up all over the globe – cycling is on the up.

Who Is CreatorCo?

With 8 years experience in Cycling media, I’ve been at the hub of some of the largest platforms and help craft a number of creative campaigns.

I have a firm belief that tasks and projects can be broken down into a simple process and structure, making the beginning to end far simpler and more efficient.

Most recently I lead the video team at Pinkbike and established its YouTube channel to grow to 110,000+ subscribers, with only a 2 person team. Posting regular content, 5 or more times a week and rapidly increasing the amount of video views on Pinkbike’s own content.

I now focus my time on marketing and media consulting, connecting creators and influencers, and also on my own YouTube channel – Paul The Punter.

Cycling is my life and passion, it’s a real pleasure to be able to have the opportunity to merge my hobby and career into one and call it my life.