Bikester Ultimate Adventure


Bikester wanted to work with Pinkbike in a big way. Part of the Internet Stores GmbH group, they were fully prepared to try something different. Having partnered with a boat company in the Fjords of Norway, they wanted to leverage this and use it as a prize in a contest.

The brand was looking to engage with the audience, so a content submission competition was suggested. To really get across the value of the prize that Bikester were putting forward, I formulated the concept of the audience proving that they really deserved it. They must demonstrate they’ve put in the hard work and gone where few mountain bikers have gone. This would attract that core audience that Bikester were looking for.


After creating a teaser video and a contest page built, we set it live on the homepage of Pinkbike. Word was spread via all our channels and targeted to European users – the only place that Bikester operated in.

After 3 weeks we had over 150 entries. A 60 second clip of the audience showing why they should be chosen. A shortlist was created and then the voting began.

The voting bracket also gave people a chance that had not submitted a short to be considered for a prize, another chance for Bikester to show what they had on offer.

A winner was eventually found and the winner’s trip was filmed and published to the Pinkbike audience.


Views: 18,000
Pinkbike Total Views: 845,000
Advertising Impressions: 4 Million+
Contest Votes: 9,498
Social Reach: 1.2 Million+

The whole narrative of this was really enjoyable. Users could clearly see how the contest was progressing and follow the winner from submission to claiming their prize. Not only that, but the quality of media throughout was incredibly high, finished off with a cinematic production documenting the winner’s trip. A truly unique experience and owned by Bikester.