Pimp My Bike


The Advent Calendar that happened each year was always popular on Pinkbike and a great option for brands. Something needed to happen in the summer though. Potentially a contesnt consistently throughout the year. It needed to be different though, that’s where the idea of a ‘money can’t buy prize’ came from.

Pimp My Bike is driven off the idea of professionals getting custom bikes made for world championships. What if the general public could get a slice of that too?


I was able to get Push Industries on board for the first one. They are the kings of custom parts so it was a natural fit and very easy for them to get involved. They had a new coil conversion product that they needed to promote and also a data collection component would be useful, as they were keen on newsletters.


3rd Most Successful Pinkbike Takeover of 2017
Takeover Click Throughs: 4,115
2nd Most Read Story on Pinkbike that week
Pinkbike Views: 74,000
Contest Entrants: 16,000
Emails Captured: 11,500
Social Reach: 396,000

Really, really popular. That’s an easy way to sum it up. Users were stoked on this concept and the turnout for entries was fantastic.