Dirt’s Run To The Hills
Presented By XS Power Drink


Dirt needed to do something big. There had been the RideUK Ride To Glory that was a success, so why couldn’t it work with mountain biking? Of course some changes had to be made as Dirt had an older audience, but those were simple to make.

I managed to find a sponsor in XS Power Drink and then the show could go on.


Finding teams to take part was the toughest challenge. I recall working very, very long days trying to get teams to confirm and sign up. There were 16 riders to arrange, team manager, photographer and videographer. Then they all had to end up in Monmouth, UK. At the same time. With completed works. With the help of my colleagues at Dirt we made it happen.

Each team had to deliver a video and slideshow, with the slideshow being judged by the Dirt Mag editorial.


In 2013 Dirt was using the MPORA player – a now defunct web platform. The final edits were uploaded to YouTube much later, but the original numbers were around 40,000 views per video and 15,000 per slideshow.

This idea had never been seen in mountain biking before and all involved were stoked on how it came in to existence.