Day & Night with Sam Pilgrim


After reaching out to Swatch about how we can work together, they said that there would be interest in Pinkbike producing a piece of content that would build association between Swatch and mountain biking.

Having supported slopestyle events over in Europe and a long time sponsor of Sam Pilgrim, they suggested that we create something that had mass appeal to the non-endemic audience that Pinkbike had, using Sam.


I have a fantastic relationship with Scott Secco – arguably the hardest working filmer in action sports currently. He would be the ideal person to get onboard and use for this project, something that was a creative challenge.

Creating something that you could show to your non-cycling friend was the key here. Content that shows drastic contrast is a good start and I began thinking of potential ideas and the one that stuck was the ‘Day & Night’ concept. It had been done in a few sports (nod to Vans’ effort) but not as successful in mountain biking – it was time to own it.


Views: 42,000
Pinkbike Views: 41,000
Average View Retention: 74%
Advertising Impressions: 1.1 million
Social Reach: 400,000+

The video has been a smash hit and well received amongst the core audience, while still having wider appeal. The shots that were delivered stuck to brief and Swatch had no surprises when the final edit was launched.