The Privateer


During a discussion at Eurobike in 2017, a brand needed to promote their performance bikes to the Enduro race fans but had no professional team. The chat centered around how it was very hard to get a lot of exposure for the amount of spend that was invested. Only the top handful of teams that get results really deliver a term and it was a pretty large gamble when it comes to choosing riders, setting up team logistics etc.

I then suggested, “Why don’t we create you a star from nothing and document a story of growth with an end goal being racing the EWS in Whistler?”

When I returned to Canada the idea amongst the team at Pinkbike grew and everyone was pretty excited at the concept. We managed to find a rider within the staff and began pitching out sponsorship for the parts that would be used and gathering assistance locally. I managed to get Todd Schumlick on board (Aaron Gwin and Richie Rude’s coach), local shop Republic Bikes and other support from the Sea To Sky area.


Delivering the proposed episodes was a challenge as a small team but it all came together. The value of a sponsors involvement was not only product placement but also being able to further highlight an association with their sponsored athlete – e.g. Scott Laughland for Scott Sports. Using the athlete to help develop The Privateer worked well and the audience loved it, constantly asking for more.

Each episode had a narrative of overcoming a challenge and showing measured improvement. With the hard work of all involved it was easy to convey this message and it resonated with the audience, creating a relatable story line that garnered a lot of interaction.

Brands were also encouraged to share the content that we created on their social channels using #pbprivateer to track. This cross-shared everyone’s brand with eachother and created a collaborative effect.


Views: 730,000
Playlist Plays: 40,000
Pinkbike Views: 440,000
Average View Retention: 72%
Social Reach: 3.5 Million+

Yes the numbers are fantastic, with each episode only getting stronger. The largest effect that was being registered was mountain bikers connecting with Adam and starting to root for him. Regularly getting stopped around the Sea To Sky corridor and receiving words of encouragement. The comments on the EWS results post had multiple people discussing Adam and not the professional teams that you would expect.