Well it’s day 4 here and it’s starting to dawn on me that in 2 weeks time, there won’t be another pay cheque.

It’s easily the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, mainly financially of course but there are other things that naturally come in tow with that. But it’s not a 100% risk, no. It’s very much the right time to be changing course in my career in Cycling and looking at how the media landscape is changing.


There are many ways now to connect to the modern mountain biker or road cyclist, as a leisure activity there many other ways to absorb yourself in the sport outside from actually riding your bike. Sharing the experiences is of course the main one. With social and activity trackers like Strava the accepted norm, there are those that will rise to the top of these platforms and become truly influential.

That won’t be the be-all-and-end-all of how a company or group can reach their target market of course. The traditional media (are websites now classed as this? hmm) are still incredibly valuable when it comes to getting a message across and reporting current events to the core audience of the sport. So how do you balance everything?

Well, that’s where I can come in. So hopefully I’ll be able to make someone’s Monday morning that little bit easier with a plan that help tick off as many of the boxes that need to be ticked.

Someone will even have a new bike by the end of it.